Roger Gunn is the Chief of the Criminal Division in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, who oversees the newest lawyers in his department.


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When the new AUSAs arrived at his office after being sworn in, Roger handed out envelopes with each attorney's first case and told them he expected them to win it. Leonard later came to Roger to make an argument that he and Seth should have their cases traded, as he felt he was better equipped to handle the terrorism case. Roger agreed he made his case and switched their files. He later met with Leonard, Jill, and Sandra as they discussed the terrorism case together. The meeting was brief and ended when Roger handed Jill an envelope. After they left, Jill opened the envelope to reveal Yankees tickets.[1]

Opioid CrisisEdit

When Douglas Delap put pressure on Roger to find an opioid case to prosecute, he handed the responsibility off to Kate and Seth. Seth wanted to find a hole in by searching their homes for any evidence they didn't hide as carefully as their offices. They interrupted Byrne's dinner to try to get a warrant to search the houses. He declined their office and called it a lazy strategy. Kate then insisted they'd do it their way. She looked through the financial records of all the doctors and found one who didn't have a housekeeper on payroll like the others, despite having money and a large house. They believed he had an undocumented immigrant working for him and wanted to use that as leverage to get him to plead guilty to the opioid charges. Kate and Seth parked outside his house and watched as Margo Elata came out. They brought her in and asked her about how she was paid and employed. She revealed that it went far beyond being undocumented. He was holding her passport hostage and forcing her to work for very low wages. They also learned that he was using her information to help launder money for a drug cartel. After he was arrested, they asked Judge Byrne to support their attempt to get money allocated for Margo from the money that was seized from Dr. Rollins.[2]

Bart McKennaEdit

Leonard came to Roger with an idea to steal the case of Bart McKenna from the eastern district. When his ship became stranded in the middle of the Hudson River, Leonard wanted to have it towed to Manhattan. However, a storm made towing dangerous, so they decided to wait to see where the ship ended up and let that determine who would get the case. Roger later told Leonard he knew the ship had ended up in New Jersey, meaning neither court got it, but Leonard told him he'd sent NYPD officers to lunch near the port where the ship docked, nabbing the case for the Southern Court after all.[3]


Roger allowed Seth to pursue charges against Kappler-Hays, but advised him to offer a deal instead of trying to take it to trial. Seth agreed, but was forced into a trial when Jack Lewis's counsel refused to make a deal. Seth ultimately won the case and Roger congratulated him.[4]

Rodrigo PuenteEdit

Seth was assigned to prosecute Rodrigo Puente, who was arrested for transporting 57 grams of meth in his backpack. When Judge Byrne heard the case, he said he didn't like it and wouldn't sentence Rodrigo to ten years, the mandatory minimum. He sent Seth back to reconsider the charges. When Seth came back with the same case, Byrne asked to meet with Roger. He couldn't convince Roger to budge either, so he said he'd instruct the jury about the mandatory minimum. To prevent that, Seth filed a writ. The jury ultimately returned a guilty verdict and after giving a speech, Byrne reluctantly sentenced Rodrigo to the minimum ten years.[5]

Working with ATFEdit

When Kate came to Roger to get permission to go on a sting with them, he didn't want to let her because she said stings can be dangerous. However, when she told him if it went well, they'd be coming to her instead of bothering him, he agreed to let her go.[6]






He and Jill Carlan often go to baseball games together.[7]


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Roger is the Chief of the Criminal Division in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, who oversees the newest lawyers in his department.

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