Jill Carlan is a federal public defender who oversees new public defenders at the US District Court of the Southern District of New York.


New FPDsEdit

The the new FPDs arrived at the office after being sworn in, Jill handed each of them an envelope with their first case in it. She then explained the purpose of their office. She said going up against the government is hard because it has all the power, so she didn't expect them to win. She just expected them to get a win, something like reducing a sentence, lowering bail, or lessening a charge. After she was done, Sandra approached her and asked about being on duty. Jill didn't think Sandra was ready, but Sandra insisted she was, so Jill put her on duty. When Sandra got a terrorism case, Jill advised her to talk to her client about the deal with prosecution was offering. Sandra talked to him, but ultimately declined the deal, so Jill went with her to a meeting with Roger and Leonard, the opposing counsel, where Jill planted a seed of misdirection about how Sandra would argue the case. She then sent Sandra back in on her own. When Sandra lost the case, Jill told her she was never going to win it, but her first case doesn't have to define the rest of her career.[1]

Dani Rios and Keenan GriggsEdit

Jill assigned Sandra to the case of Dani Rios, a whistle-blower, believing Sandra would connect with Dani. She later told Sandra to convince Dani to take a deal, because going to trial wouldn't be good for her.

She also helped Allison figure out what to do when Allison told her Diane Barish was planning to use a program to help sentence Keenan.[2]

Chloe DanielsEdit

When Chloe Daniels was arrested for attacking a mail person, Jill took the case and had the novice lawyers help her because it had the potential to become a murder case. Chloe claimed it was self-defense, but holes quickly started forming in her story. Jill found her in Penn Station, where she almost jumped in front of a train. She was lost and confused. Jill had her tested by a psychiatrist, but all the tests came back negative, making Jill more confused. Then she learned Chloe had been a cheerleader and believed she had CTE. She took her to a leading CTE researcher, who was developing a test for CTE so it could be diagnosed before death. He said Chloe had CTE, which explained all her symptoms. Jill worked to get her diagnosed considered at her hearing and the prosecution agreed to two years of deferred prosecution with monitoring.[3]

Rodrigo PuenteEdit

Jill assigned Jay to the case of Rodrigo Puente, who was charged with possession when he was found with 57 grams of meth in his backpack. When Judge Byrne heard the case, he said he didn't like it and wouldn't sentence Rodrigo to ten years, the mandatory minimum. He sent Seth back to reconsider the charges. When Seth came back with the same case, Byrne asked to meet with Roger and then Jill. He couldn't convince Roger or Jill to budge either, so he said he'd instruct the jury about the mandatory minimum. To prevent that, Seth filed a writ. The jury ultimately returned a guilty verdict and after giving a speech, Byrne reluctantly sentenced Rodrigo to the minimum ten years.[4]

Arturo MarquezEdit

Jill assigned Allison the case of Arturo Marquez, who was accused of piracy for boarding a relief ship and taking the supplies. She warned Allison that it would be a tough case. When it made the front cover of the newspaper, she brought a copy to Allison to show her. She later watched as Allison put her own client on the stand, which Jill took to mean she was attempting jury nullification, an unlikely outcome. However, in Arturo's case, it worked and he was found not guilty.[5]




She was married, but kept a go-bag, which she eventually used.[6]


She has a sister who is mentally ill. She told the other lawyers she doesn't know where her sister is.[7]


She and Roger Gunn often go to baseball games together.[8]


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Jill is a federal public defender. She oversees new public defenders at the US District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She's a big baseball fan and uses baseball references to make her point.[9]
  • She watches a lot of SportsCenter.[10]


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